What are and How to Make Dark Posts on Facebook

dark post on facebook

The digital age has changed how we behave and how companies advertise their products and services. Nowadays, social networks are the main communication channels between brands and consumers.

This data is even more expressive in the UK:  studies indicate that 96.2% of internet users are on some social network. Given this scenario, you need to know in depth how these platforms work and use them in the best possible way to get the desired highlight for your brand.

Facebook, for example, is an excellent advertising tool for companies and has several features to make digital marketing strategies even more efficient. Within the possibilities of advertising on the platform, the dark post is a great option to segment your campaigns further.

How about learning more about this Facebook feature that makes your actions even more effective? For that, keep reading! Follow us to clear all your doubts about dark posts, how to apply them in your strategies, and tip to get better results. Let's go.

How important is personalization?

Before we understand the advantages and reasons for using dark posts on Facebook, it is important to understand the impact of customizing your campaigns. It must be borne in mind that consumers are increasingly demanding and demand closer and more personalized communication.

Personalization is a fundamental element of your strategy to stand out in such a competitive market and attract customers' attention and resources more efficiently.

Read more, the objective is to guarantee that each ad will be directed exactly to the public or persona that can consume that service or product.

Not by chance, surveys indicate that  61% of users prefer to see advertisements relevant to their particular interests. Another 45% believe campaigns tailored to them are more interesting than random ads. This way, when investing in personalization techniques, your planning becomes more efficient.

After all, what would be the point of advertising, for example, women's shoes for a 26-year-old single man? In that case, the only result would be a waste for your company and perhaps an angry user.

That's why it's important to use the features available on ad platforms, such as dark posts on Facebook, to make your campaigns more accurate.

What is a dark post on Facebook?

When making an ad on Facebook, you can choose between publicizing an existing publication or creating a new campaign. By choosing the second option, you are automatically creating a dark post.

That is, a publication intended only for a segmented audience that will not appear on your page's timeline on the social network for other users.

Instead of creating content with small differences but repetitive and filling your page with similar posts, you can create more targeted and personalized publications with dark posts. Thus,  only those who can be converted are impacted by the ad.

Especially because the same study we mentioned earlier indicates that 70% of internet users see the same ad many times, a frequency of publications in excess, which is not seen as positive for customers.

That is, you must find a balance and ensure that your potential consumers are impacted only by what is useful to convince them. In this way, you can perform greater and better segmentation of your campaigns.

The solution is to use the dark post to target the correct ad to users in each of these cities. Again,  what is the point of impacting the client with the campaign referring to the course in another location?

The dark post on facebook is, therefore, a way to further segment your campaigns on the social network by increasing the impact of your strategies and, consequently, generating better results for the business.

It is important to note that, in another social network widely used by Internet users, Instagram; all ads were in the same model as dark posts. However, it is already possible to use publications from your profile to publicize your campaigns.

What are the advantages of using this strategy?

In digital marketing, you have to be very careful with excesses. When running a campaign, you must target a specific audience. Reaching a few people is undoubtedly bad for your business; however, impacting more than necessary is not good either. 

Bombarded by diverse information and more daily advertisements, consumers filter the content that interests them. Therefore, posts that constantly appear in their newsfeeds and have nothing to do with their profile or behavior can annoy these users.

Instead of serving to publicize a product or service, the ad negatively interferes with your company's image. Users can, for example, associate your brand with campaigns outside their interest and pollute their pages, which could be better for your business's digital reputation.

With the dark post on Facebook, you reduce the chances of this situation happening. After all,  this feature allows you to segment your campaigns further, whether by region, age, or even behavior.

So, if you want to create ads with greater impact on the customer that generate more results for your company, the dark post is an excellent solution.

Even if your business has a national scope, some campaigns in your strategic planning are certainly aimed at one or another region. That way, you guarantee that only the specific audience — and those interested in that ad — will be impacted, increasing your chances of conversion.

What to do to use the dark post in your campaigns?

Despite being an extremely important feature, the dark post on Facebook is very simple to implement.

All you need is to have an active ad account and be an administrator or editor of a page on the social network. So that you don't have any doubts, we've created a step-by-step guide for creating your dark post. Check out!

1st step

To create your dark post, you need to access your account's  Ads Manager, which can be done by clicking on the Create Ad button on the right column of your page or accessing it here.

2nd step

Then, choose your campaign objective, which to become a dark post needs to be  Boost Your Posts. Name your publication and click  Continue.

3rd step

Now is the time to define your campaign targeting. That is, choose which users will be impacted by that ad.

Facebook offers some personalization possibilities, which can be by gender, age, location, or interests, for example.

4th step

Then, it's time to set the budget and duration for that campaign. Fill in according to your plan and proceed to the next page.

5th step

The last step to create your Facebook dark post is to select Create New Ad or  Use Existing Post. Click on the first option, define the content to be published, and that's it: your dark post is created!

Remember, however, that your campaign needs more than just the dark post to succeed. After all, targeting is just one way to make your ads more accurate and efficient, but the quality of your content is also critical for you to get the best possible returns.

To succeed in a world increasingly immersed in digital transformation, it is necessary to understand how the tools work and the benefits of using certain resources.

The dark post is an example of this, a basic and very simple function to put into practice. It can positively impact your digital marketing strategy, ensuring more conversions for the business.

Now that you better understand what it is and the advantages of using dark posts in your strategies, how about learning to invest in Facebook ads? To do this, download our practical guide to create a campaign and thus increase your audience and generate positive results for your company!

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